The Headshot Camera for Portraits

When’s the last time you’ve updated your profile picture? With Headshot, you can get a professional-looking headshot, the background removed automatically and replaced with a color of your choice in seconds!

Craft your perfect headshot

Headshot uses your front-facing camera to craft the perfect selfie. Use plenty of light and align your eyes on the horizon and middle of face on the vertical axis. Once you’re ready, hit the shutter button and watch the “Look Here” prompt!

We get your eyes focused up so you’re looking up at the camera lens and not at your self.

Auto background removal

Headshot for iPhone and iPad really shines when it comes to removing the background. Our app automatically detects your face and body and removes everything else from the picture. And we do it in about 10 seconds (on average)!

Choose circle or square format

Headshot allows you to choose between two different portrait modes – square or circle.

Use whichever format (or both) works for the medium that you are publishing to.

Most platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram use circle portraits. However, a square profile image may suite you better for other mediums such as real-estate profiles, actor portraits and resume images.

Scrub out imperfections

Our background removal may miss some artifacts that you can easily scrub out using your finger.

Simply zoom in and draw on the screen where you want to erase from the result. You can always come back and undo your changes at anytime!

We keep a history of each stroke that can be removed or added.

Choose the perfect background and border

Choose a background and border that really makes your profile pop!

We offer a variety of colors to choose from including the primary color found in your original image.

We also allow you to enter any color using our RGB HEX editor, simply enter any custom color directly into the app!

Share and save

Share to any apps on your device that accept imagery including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We really hope you enjoy Headshot for iPhone and iPad and look forward to seeing you at your best!

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