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When’s the last time you’ve updated your profile picture?

People update their profile pictures on LinkedIn, Instagram, Slack and Twitter rarely because it’s hard to get the right shot. Many variables go into crafting the perfect selfie and controlling them all at once is difficult. Professional style portrait photography is also expensive for many and time consuming.

Headshot makes is fast and easy to create stunning, beautiful and professionally looking self-portraits in seconds! “You can literally take one of the best pictures of yourself right now, update all of your social media profiles and be on your way in 60 seconds,” said Axel Foley of Principal LA.

Since its release earlier this April, Headshot for iPhone and iPad has been able to help people all over the globe capture the perfect portrait-style profile picture and update their social media profiles. With an average review rating of 5 stars, Headshot is highly acclaimed and is poised to be a market leader in portrait photography on iPhone.

Headshot detects people in the portrait and removes the background automatically. “One of the stealth features of the app is its ability to remove the entire background of your image automatically,” said Foley. He goes on to say, “what makes this unique is the ability to replace the background with a solid color to match your eyes, or a blurred background and all within seconds.”

For more information about Headshot, you can visit To download the app today on iPhone or iPad, visit App Store.